Friday, November 14, 2008


its been a really, really long time since i have blogged. and for that i am sorry.
i always want to blog, but when i sit in front of the computer with the idea of wanting to blog, my mind just blanks out and so then i dont blog.

so lately a few good things have been going on(i will elaborate on a few later after i name them):
1. my friend becca and i are selling suubi beads at our school!
2. i have an a in biology!
3. i read my bible!
4. i didnt have quartets!
5. im going to see nevershoutnever!

1. i want to elaborate on the first one the most, because its one of the things i am most excited about! reading kirstin's blogs have just inspired me so much and i just wanted to do something! my friend becca was talking about how she would love to sell the suubi necklaces that are made by the women in uganda and i obviously wanted to help. so i talked to one of my teachers, who called another teacher and so on wednesday after school, i went to the key club meeting. then i explained it to them and they told me it was a good idea and to order the necklaces. and thats exactly what i did. i recieved an email from rachel stroud and she said she will be sending the package of necklaces to sell soon (: we have it approved by the principal and i am so so excited to be doing this.

2.explains itself.

3. "i read my bible!" i know, i know. it sounds kind of stupid coming from a girl who loves jesus. but honestly, the past three weeks i havent been able to read my bible. i dont get up early enough or i am just lazy and put it off. when i would try to read it, its like i was seeing the words, but once i got done reading a passage, i wouldnt remember what i just read. and i was angry with myself, because i knew i should, and i wanted to because i know god deserves so much of my attention and i feel like i couldnt give him that. but they other day, instead of reading what the core group homework said, i just started reading 1 thessalonians. and i actually read and comprehended it, and it was beautiful. lately god has been showing me so much. im so happy that just praying about it and just trying eventually led to it working out. which it always does when god is there(because he's ALWAYS there).

4. i hate quartets, and i have a stupid second soprano part that doesnt stick. and mrs. kane wasn't in class so i didnt havr to do them(even though i practiced really hard the night before).

5. nevershoutnever! is a band. actually, its one guy calling himself a band, but he makes such good music. and i get to see him with gibby, amanda, jordan, and bethlyn (: