Monday, September 29, 2008

english papers and projects.

i havent blogged in a while.nothing super hip or exciting lately. but lets get on with this, shall we?today in choir i did this personality thing with the whole class, and it was really sweet. my choir, with all of the different and same personalities that it withholds, clashes with one another. soo i did this personality thing that drew did with us as core groups with choir and it was so much fun! everyone loved it! and they thought it was a really good idea and had a lot of fun with it. i think we will hopefully function as a whole now because we now know what each others strengthes and weeknesses are so each of us can improve ourselves for the better of the group and even improve ourselves so we can better the school as well. that went really well, it was awesome. the only bad thing was that i was sweating a lot for some reason, but i sweat a lot anyway. i just dont like sweating so it wasnt pleasant, haha.i hate english papers. i just think they are horrible and obnoxious and oh so terrible. now, with that being said, add on a horrible english teacher to the mix of things. i do not like my english teacher, at alllll. i want mr. keast back soo bad ): this teacher is nothing compared to keast, and keast was a genius. i loved that class. i really would love to switch to general english 10(im in honors 10) and just have mr. keast again, but i cant. and its really depressing. my english teacher takes like a minute to say a 15 second sentence, its obnoxious. he drives me insane. and because he drives me insane and he never is together and organized, i have to read or draw everyday so i dont jump out the window. i really dont like his class. he's a nut. on a different note,i love art class! a lot! i love art and just the project we do and just everything about it. its beautiful. and i love mrs. au. she's so funny, i just want to hug her all of the time, even if she is a little scatterbrained (: maybe the fact that she's asian helps (; i dont know, she's cool, haha.well, thats all for now.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

im no good at coming up with titles.

so, im just going to ramble.

it is 2:00 in the afternoon and i havent showered yet...i feel really disgusting! my mom is getting in the shower first.

yesterday, i went to grand haven with the alive band...three and a half hours in a little car is well...smooshed. but it was still fun. mark drove, and it was kristin, jessie, mark, gibby, and myself. i finished my book on the way there.
when we got there, there wasnt that many people there...which was kind of a bummer but it was still fun. i slept most of the way home and then slept in until 11 after getting home at 3. it was so nice to finally get to sleep in!

i can no longer do my benefit show. ): i only have three bands and so it wouldnt attract that many people and therefore wouldnt manke that much money so thats a bummer. but my neighbor gave me a lot of pop from her softball tournament so i think im going to sell that at the friday night hangouts at metro and send the money i make from that to love146. better to make some money for organization than none at all. and i will probably have a show in the spring.

im no good with themes of things like this...i cant think of anything on command. im boring.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

a few things.

sorry i havent blogged in so long...i've been pretty busy.

so, saturday...the tpa release show. it actually went really well. about 80-90 people showed up and so they made about 900 dollars...which is more than half of what they needed to make back for the CD's they just purchased. and i sold three shirts (: so i made eighteen dollars so that was really sweet.

sunday was really awesome with what adam talked about which was about controlling our tongues and how it has the power of life and death. which is something really cool, because its something that i, myself struggle with. in our choir's soprano sectional, sometimes i just have to be this like, obnoxious happy spaz which probably annoys people but i dont really care because it keeps me from yelling at everyone and telling them to shut up and stop talking and just sing. let me tell you, its really difficult to not do that.

i got a B on my first biology test (: and i was really worried about that because she was stressing that they are much harder, but i did pretty well. and i reallyyyy like art class. haha, my teacher is just so cute and i love her...and she's asian so thats definitely a plus :P just kidding, haha.
and im understanding algebra :D yayyy!

i made my new purse...and im really happy with it, it looks pretty nice if i do say so myself (;

and i just went to the austria meeting today at rhs, and maestro knapp was there. and it was really amazing. i am sooo thankful that god gave me this opportunity to go on this amazing trip and just have this experience and i will only be 16!! THATS CRAZY! wellll, im going to try to do a lot of fundraising, lol. this isnt going to very cheap at all.

anyway, thats all for now. so i'll blog when i get on next (;

Saturday, September 13, 2008

tpa show.

i am currently a the tpa cd release show right now, chilling at the merch table (i am on gibby's laptop). it is boring, but yet so exciting. tpa consists of some of m best friends so its really sweet to see them getting this big. there isnt a huge crowd here yet, but we are just going to pray that way more people show up (; i will put up updates on how the turnout goes tomorrow.

anyway. god is so awesome.

today, i went to joann fabrics to get art supplies and fabric because i wanted to make a new purse. and the fabric i wanted was eight dollars a yard, and i HATE paying a lot of money for fabric(i am a cheap-o and proud of it). so i just figured, what the heck, i'll pay it before my little purse explodes. so then my mom randomly found these forty percent off coupons. and it was great. so for two yards of fabric, i only paid ten dollars, so it was really sweet...god always provides.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

first blog.

so, first blog on this new thing...i guess we will see how it goes.

i dont really know what to say about anything, because now-a-days, everything is about school since it just started and everyone(including myself) is getting used to the swing of things after having such an awesome summer and not wanting to go back.

so, since we are on the subject of school, i'll just do some rambling on about that.

most know, i do not like school. at all. people are mean, and rude and disrespectful and sometimes it makes me just want to punch the stupid people in the eye...but i obviously cant do that because that wouldnt be very nice and isnt very christ-like. it sounds horrible, but is very true.

with those very rude people, god has been showing me a lot with school. even though i dont like it, he is showing me that i need to have a better attitude through all things... even when its hard. i need a better attitude for my sake, and the sake of others because they arent going to see jesus if im just going around with a frown on my face and a bad attitude. they wont see love in that so they wont think that jesus is attractive. i also know im not making it better for myself by being so pessimistic because i am basically going to make it terrible if i think its going to be terrible. that kind of thing.

i also have been praying that i want to be bolder in school. last year(especially in choir) i hardly talked because again, i had a horrible outlook on school. so i figured if i minded my own business and just got each day over with, i would be okay. but that didnt really help me on the whole showing-people-christ aspect of things. so because i didnt talk, i never told anyone how awesome he really is. and i didnt realize it when it was happening, but even on the first day of school this year, i was more bold than normal. even if i didnt know people, i remembered smiling at people and had a positive outlook the whole time i was at school. yes, i would say i didnt want to be there or that i didnt like it, but i still smiled and was positive and talked to people, mostly people i knew from before but i guess you have to start somewhere.

i think god is telling me that i need to organize an assembly this year (i am so thankful that he gavef me the gift of being organized). i want it to be during lunch and call pizza places in the area asking them if they will donate hundreds of boxes of pizza so i can lure people in with free food...sounds horrible, but if thats what gets them to hear about jesus, i'll be willing to do it. (:

so i think thats enough for anytime something that i feel like talking about, i'll blog (:
i dont know how often that will be, but again, we will see how this goes.