Wednesday, October 28, 2009

i suck at blogging.

sorry. im blogging for my mom...she gets a little irritated when i dont blog.

1. i have a job! woohoo! i had orientation today and it went very well. oh, i work at arby's. and the manager said i was pretty much hired the day i turned in my application because of the way i presented myself...good stuff.

2. school = lame. except for chemistry. i love chemistry. i dont know if its just because of mr. graham or both, but i love it either way. its a good class.

3. selling suubi beads starting next week at lunch! yes!

4. i just want to listen to music allll of the time now. but i did before too.

5. choir conference is next hopefully i room with good people so it will make it a little more pleasing. and all of my fishies in happy aquarium are gonna die ):

6. H1N1...all i have to say is educate yourselves. stop freaking out. know what you are talking about. . seriously people.

7. feel free to ask to hangout (: im always up for a good time!