Monday, December 29, 2008

boots are made for walking, but not for walking on me.

most of my life i have been the loner. yeah, thats right. phyllis: the one who is usually ignored and sits by herself while everyone is chuckling along with a group of people. part of it is just my personality though. i am totally task oriented, but its not like i dont like people or having friends. and i do have friends. but that part of my life is very small. i feel like everyone i know is just an acquaintance.

and every time i finally start talking and hanging out with someone, they find somebody else that they like hanging out with more so they pretty much just stop talking to me. and its not like this has happened once. its happened numerous times by more than one person. quite frankly, i am highly sick of it. im not a toy, you cant just hang out with me one day and then throw me away the next. my feelings dont work like that. i also have yet to find someone that actually enjoys that.

im tired of being convenient and only talked to when necessary.


KristinFletch! said...

iloveyou, (:

Margie said...

i love you just the way you are.