Tuesday, June 23, 2009


i wonder if anyone reads these.
oh well.

all i know right now is that nothing feels in place.
it hasnt for a while. it feels like there is something
missing, like my life is not where it is supposed to
be. like there are a few pieces of the puzzle missing.
its a very uncontent, lonely feeling. i dont like it.
but i dont know what to do about it either.


Margie said...

i do!

I loveyou pean!

Stacy said...

Sometimes feeling like things are in place is difficult, because are they ever? I know what you're saying because I'm going through similar feelings. I think that dealing with the things around you that you can control in the moment, having a positive attitude, and trusting God with it all, is really all we can do :) Chin up Phyllis! God is looking down on you with a big SMILE!