Thursday, July 30, 2009


im finally home from colombia, and i want to go back.
ilove and miss colombia sooo much.

it was seriously so incredible. getting up everyday and just serving came naturally. it didnt even seem like something that i was only going to be doing for two weeks - it seemed like a normal day. it was amazing and so fun. i loved it. it made me appreciate everything 300 times more than i already appreciated everything. it stretched me and made me more flexible. i ganied so much more peace and joy on this trip. my attitude and the way i thought about things changed - im trying to be much more positive - now i see how much of a difference it can make. i thought i appreciated the simple things. now i really do; things like a smile or a hug. but i also appreciate the bigger things; things like a brick house instead of one made out of tin and running hot water. i also appreciate being able to flush my toilet paper.

the language barrier didnt matter because there is god, and he knows all of the languages and he knows all of our hearts. we can just pray for someone in colombia and they have no idea what we are saying, they just know gods power and that he is the ultimate. its so awesome.

it was crazy how much i would jsut put myself out of my comfort zone and then just not care. i have gotten laughed at so many times on this trip for acting crazy and ridiculous for jesus and it didnt even matter. god is jsut too good to hold it all in.

my trip was fantastic. i have more stories. and pictures.

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Margie said...

i loveyou pean! I think we better start saving for the next one :)