Tuesday, August 11, 2009


did i mention i can crochet now?

oh, and i tried watching the meteor shower...it wasnt very good. i saw like, maybe 10. i was kind of disappointed. but still, tonight was pretty perfect. at first, i was irritated from people walking in my house without notice and acting like they owned the place, but once i started talking to stephanie and katie and sitting on my porch with them, everything was beautiful. we just talked and laughed and ate fake oreos and it was great. then we just layed on the blanket waiting for the wimpy meteors to show up, and it was still great. it just felt peaceful and so perfect, if there ever was such a thing. well, its 1:10am. the meteor shower is supposed to get good around 4 or 5am, but im not staying up all night.


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Margie said...

I knew they were coming over... and do you think that maybe they feel so comfortable at our house that they can just walk in? That's a good thing. I loveyou pean