Monday, August 31, 2009


so yesterday was a very rough day. a girl that was my age and went to my school who had some classes with me died. she was on her way home from band camp (on saturday) and they were driving on I-94 and a semi tried getting back on the freeway from the shoulder and they ran right into the back of the semi. her little sister had to get stitches and is fine. her mom is still in the hospital, but will be fine. and well, as for skyler, she wasnt so fortunate. she had blood in her lungs. they took her to U of M for her care and saturday night after i heard about the accident, steph and i were getting texts saying her blood pressure was regulating and she was getting her color back. well, then i get a text on sunday when i was tallying votes for metro's TRL and she ended up not making it. she is/was brain dead and they were donating her organs so the last i heard, they were waiting for recipients. so she wasnt legally dead. but the viewing in wednesday from 5-8 and the funeral is thursday at 11.

now, i didnt really know skyler that well, but she was in my honors english classes my freshman and sophomore year. she was also stage crew for little shop. and she was really close with my friend emily, they were cousins. and i guess they spent a lot of time together. and she was also in marching band. and because im in the music department, it hurts when a lot of people i know are so broken from this. it makes me become broken. my heart is just aching for her family.
and although i didnt know much about skyler, i knew that she had huge dreams and she was going to follow them. i knew she would have. she had so much drive and determination.
so from this whole thing, even though it sucks, i know that everything is going to be okay. everyone dies, they do. its not fun, but its reality. we just dont know when. we could die in 70 years, or in five minutes. we really dont know. but all i know is that i want my life to be lived to the fullest. it sounds cliche, but im being 100% serious. i want to glorify god with my life. yeah, im not always good at it, at all. i suck at it a lot, but im still going to strive. i just want to love god with my life, through my action and speech. and i dont want to waste anymore time.

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