Tuesday, August 18, 2009

we serve to show his love.

we hear it all of the time: "find somewhere to serve!"
here my problem: i dont know where to serve. i dont know where i belong. i want to serve so bad, but i dont know where to serve. i dont know where my gift lies. i dont know what my special talent is. everyone tells me i have so much to offer, but whenever i try somewhere to see if thats where im supposed to serve, it doesnt feel right. i've tried fuel, but it didnt seem good for me. i tried metrokids, it didnt seem right for me. i did kids ministry in colombia, and i thought it would be a good place for me, but when i checked it out at metro, i felt so awkward. i dont know. i just wish i knew where i was supposed to serve. and im praying about it and thinking about it all of the time, so its not like im not making an effort. ugh.


Margie said...

maybe you should be a "metro mom" who takes snacks to the kids in Metro Kidz... you could think of cool snacks every week, and love on them... and everyone loves the person who brings snacks!

Margie said...

plus you'd get to serve with Becky and she's awesome!