Thursday, September 3, 2009

call me crazy,

so, i have already blogged today, but i feel so so so compelled to just get this emotion out of my right now.

it sounds so crazy, but i just feel so called to go to another country and serve. RIGHT NOW. if i could, i would. i want to go and serve and be the hands and feet of jesus. i just feel so lead to do this. and every time i think of a country, its always uganda, india, or thailand. im not even sure why with those two countries, but i just feel so drawn to them. i dont know why, i just do. yes, i feel like i should go back to colombia, but i feel like i am bound to just go to at least one of those three countries and serve. to be honest, i would stay there forever. i would. i've always thought it would be cool, but then people always think about money and stuff like that, but it doesnt even seem important to me right now.

ever since before and after colombia, i felt compelled to do A LOT of mission work. but its just been bubbling inside of me and now im exploding. i hope to go to one of those countries after i graduate high school. like, right after.

i hope i could one day impact someone like katie does everyday:

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