Tuesday, September 8, 2009

summer = over.

this summer is officially over, because today was my first day of my junior year. and if you were wondering how school is...well, its school. thats all i have to say. im really worried about my pre-calc and my chemistry class - those seem like they will be the hardest.

but whatever, this summer was amazing. it doesnt even feel like i should be going back to school, i feel like i should be going back to colombia or to africa or something. high school just doesnt seem to fit me. i dont feel like i fit. and i dont, because god calls me to be something different, but i just dont feel like i need to be there. and im sure i do, it just doesnt seem like it.

maybe its just downriver in general. it seems like i need to get out of downriver. to see something different, a change of people, place, everything. i want to get out of michigan. now.

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