Monday, September 29, 2008

english papers and projects.

i havent blogged in a while.nothing super hip or exciting lately. but lets get on with this, shall we?today in choir i did this personality thing with the whole class, and it was really sweet. my choir, with all of the different and same personalities that it withholds, clashes with one another. soo i did this personality thing that drew did with us as core groups with choir and it was so much fun! everyone loved it! and they thought it was a really good idea and had a lot of fun with it. i think we will hopefully function as a whole now because we now know what each others strengthes and weeknesses are so each of us can improve ourselves for the better of the group and even improve ourselves so we can better the school as well. that went really well, it was awesome. the only bad thing was that i was sweating a lot for some reason, but i sweat a lot anyway. i just dont like sweating so it wasnt pleasant, haha.i hate english papers. i just think they are horrible and obnoxious and oh so terrible. now, with that being said, add on a horrible english teacher to the mix of things. i do not like my english teacher, at alllll. i want mr. keast back soo bad ): this teacher is nothing compared to keast, and keast was a genius. i loved that class. i really would love to switch to general english 10(im in honors 10) and just have mr. keast again, but i cant. and its really depressing. my english teacher takes like a minute to say a 15 second sentence, its obnoxious. he drives me insane. and because he drives me insane and he never is together and organized, i have to read or draw everyday so i dont jump out the window. i really dont like his class. he's a nut. on a different note,i love art class! a lot! i love art and just the project we do and just everything about it. its beautiful. and i love mrs. au. she's so funny, i just want to hug her all of the time, even if she is a little scatterbrained (: maybe the fact that she's asian helps (; i dont know, she's cool, haha.well, thats all for now.

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Margie said...

you and your sweating! I'm so excited that we might be running together in the 5K!
Oh peanuthead, I love you more than you will ever know.

You are smart, beautiful, God loving, and God loved. You're inspiring.