Sunday, September 21, 2008

im no good at coming up with titles.

so, im just going to ramble.

it is 2:00 in the afternoon and i havent showered yet...i feel really disgusting! my mom is getting in the shower first.

yesterday, i went to grand haven with the alive band...three and a half hours in a little car is well...smooshed. but it was still fun. mark drove, and it was kristin, jessie, mark, gibby, and myself. i finished my book on the way there.
when we got there, there wasnt that many people there...which was kind of a bummer but it was still fun. i slept most of the way home and then slept in until 11 after getting home at 3. it was so nice to finally get to sleep in!

i can no longer do my benefit show. ): i only have three bands and so it wouldnt attract that many people and therefore wouldnt manke that much money so thats a bummer. but my neighbor gave me a lot of pop from her softball tournament so i think im going to sell that at the friday night hangouts at metro and send the money i make from that to love146. better to make some money for organization than none at all. and i will probably have a show in the spring.

im no good with themes of things like this...i cant think of anything on command. im boring.

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Stacy said...

Titles are redundant...just read the text, that's what I say!! Or just think of a catchy, random word that makes no sense, use that :D