Thursday, September 11, 2008

first blog.

so, first blog on this new thing...i guess we will see how it goes.

i dont really know what to say about anything, because now-a-days, everything is about school since it just started and everyone(including myself) is getting used to the swing of things after having such an awesome summer and not wanting to go back.

so, since we are on the subject of school, i'll just do some rambling on about that.

most know, i do not like school. at all. people are mean, and rude and disrespectful and sometimes it makes me just want to punch the stupid people in the eye...but i obviously cant do that because that wouldnt be very nice and isnt very christ-like. it sounds horrible, but is very true.

with those very rude people, god has been showing me a lot with school. even though i dont like it, he is showing me that i need to have a better attitude through all things... even when its hard. i need a better attitude for my sake, and the sake of others because they arent going to see jesus if im just going around with a frown on my face and a bad attitude. they wont see love in that so they wont think that jesus is attractive. i also know im not making it better for myself by being so pessimistic because i am basically going to make it terrible if i think its going to be terrible. that kind of thing.

i also have been praying that i want to be bolder in school. last year(especially in choir) i hardly talked because again, i had a horrible outlook on school. so i figured if i minded my own business and just got each day over with, i would be okay. but that didnt really help me on the whole showing-people-christ aspect of things. so because i didnt talk, i never told anyone how awesome he really is. and i didnt realize it when it was happening, but even on the first day of school this year, i was more bold than normal. even if i didnt know people, i remembered smiling at people and had a positive outlook the whole time i was at school. yes, i would say i didnt want to be there or that i didnt like it, but i still smiled and was positive and talked to people, mostly people i knew from before but i guess you have to start somewhere.

i think god is telling me that i need to organize an assembly this year (i am so thankful that he gavef me the gift of being organized). i want it to be during lunch and call pizza places in the area asking them if they will donate hundreds of boxes of pizza so i can lure people in with free food...sounds horrible, but if thats what gets them to hear about jesus, i'll be willing to do it. (:

so i think thats enough for anytime something that i feel like talking about, i'll blog (:
i dont know how often that will be, but again, we will see how this goes.


Margie said...

WOW! you are so awesome and I love you very much!

Stacy said...

You have the potential to impact a lot of teens, Phyllis...God will equip you for any task He calls you to, and you can count on it! Your submission and willingness to Him is all He needs and He will use you! Dream big!

Becky said...


Taylor Rae said...

Wow, you are an amazing girl. Sorry that I'm some random chick leaving comments but your willingness to teach about Jesus amazes me. Dude, you have NO IDEA how much your blog has impacted me. I've been wondering if there are any other pplmy age trying to teach about Him but your blog has obviously answered that question. Thanks so much!