Saturday, September 13, 2008

tpa show.

i am currently a the tpa cd release show right now, chilling at the merch table (i am on gibby's laptop). it is boring, but yet so exciting. tpa consists of some of m best friends so its really sweet to see them getting this big. there isnt a huge crowd here yet, but we are just going to pray that way more people show up (; i will put up updates on how the turnout goes tomorrow.

anyway. god is so awesome.

today, i went to joann fabrics to get art supplies and fabric because i wanted to make a new purse. and the fabric i wanted was eight dollars a yard, and i HATE paying a lot of money for fabric(i am a cheap-o and proud of it). so i just figured, what the heck, i'll pay it before my little purse explodes. so then my mom randomly found these forty percent off coupons. and it was great. so for two yards of fabric, i only paid ten dollars, so it was really sweet...god always provides.


Margie said...

He does always provide! I love shopping with you... you make a nickel into a dollar!

Oh, and great choice for lunch!!


Stacy said...

I wish I could make a purse! Maybe you could turn your passion into a business?? Are you for hire Phyllis? :~)