Monday, April 13, 2009

holy moly!

i have not blogged in just about forever.
now, the musical is over...but i still have stupid haydn rehearsals on mondays, wednesdays, and every other tuesday from 7-8:30. imagine doing that with musical rehearsal from 3-6. yeah, crazy.

this blog is going to be random with thoughts. just giving the heads up.

1. this week is spring break, and man was this break much needed. i have been going and going and going and going and never stopping and just thinking. i have watched three movies in the past three days...its amazing! i havent had time to actually sit down a watch a movie from beginning to end since before the musical. having time to breathe is beautiful.

2. i went over ms. kerri's house and hung out with everyone. i love love love love love that house. seriously, i'm always feeling so unaccepted and down and everyone in that house is just so awesome. i dont think i stop laughing for five minutes when i'm there. i love making food, i love that everyone appreciates it, i love when the band practices and the whole house shakes, i love the whole experience. i love the nights when its just alecks, kvan, ryan and i and i love it when its the four of us and then about five other people as well. the bestttt <3

3. i have jhake's dogs until friday, and i dont want to give them back. they are the best!

4. great news! my trip to colombia is paid for! well, the general cost at least. with a lot of fundraising and donations i made the 1000 dollars. but i still need my passport. so thats another 100.

5. and i am also soo happy that i have time to listen to music again!!!!


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