Tuesday, May 5, 2009


i guess you could say i'm getting better as the week goes on. much better actually. i looked at my past blogs and i was like, "dang, all of them are depressing."

1. bad new and good news all in one. a few friends were in a car accident. good news, they are all alive, bad news, four are in a lot of pain. and its sad. but at least they are okay. the police said that one of them should have died, but he is the one that got hurt the least. god is so amazing.

2. we had a colombia meeting today (: darren, the missionary, came and talked to us and it was really cool. im so excited for this trip. i cant wait for god to show me new things, and what i can improve on, and how he is going to change my heart. i want a heart like his soo bad. i want to love like him, have compassion like his, have his patience and forgiveness, everything. i just want his heart and eyes and feelings. i want my relationship to grow and not fall. i know it will be hard to keep it up, but i dont want that love to die out. even though the fire might, i dont want the love to. im just so excited. god has blessed me with enough money to go, and now i want to bless others, like kristin, who cant fund raise the money as well as i could. im just so excited about everything.

3. i really want red hair, and a nose ring. period.

4. i want to be more optimistic. i was texting my friend alecks earlier and he said "tomorrow is wednesday!" and in my head in thinking well, yes. it is, thats how the week's order goes. tuesday then wednesday(i'm very sarcastic). but then he said "then its thursday and then friday!" which we were talking about how excited we were for the weekend. it probably seems so stupid to you, but to me, i thought it was cool because it was a different way of being excited that after tomorrow, there was only two more days to the weekend. he could have easily said "i hate the week. we still have three more days, this sucks" which is something i would have said. hahaha. i dont know, i thought it was cool.

i'm done babbling on for today.


Stacy said...

I'm happy to hear you're better...

will mom allow red hair and a nose ring? I don't want to comment on it until I know! Lol!

Ashley told my daughter Alexa about the car accident. That night Alexa said to me, "Mom, those kids in the car must have had God in their hearts, that's why they're ok. I have God in my heart so if I was in a car accident I'd be ok too."

Isn't it great when our friends show us a different way of viewing things??

Margie said...

1. God IS SO good
2. I'm so blessed by you and your heart for Him!
3. Yeah... right... you're mom will never go for that! She's crazy you know...
4. Be optimistic, don't you be a grumpy... when the road gets bumpy... just smile smile smile!