Tuesday, June 2, 2009


yeah, i did get my hair cut back when.
i really like it, even though its not exactly what i expected.

i'm still feeling like a convenient friend.
but only to some. so im lonely a lot.

but i still like the vanwallaghen house
and everyone in it. they're so awesome.
i'm not lonely there.

alecks' band went to columbus to record
this past weekend, it sounds soo good.

i want peace, and a lot of joy. so im seeking god
because i know those only come from him. he is
showing me a lot, even if im not showing i it all
that much. i love my devotional. a lot a lot a lot.
its good.

i want red hair. still.

i wish i was poetic. but i'm not so its okay.

i want to sew and paint more.

i also want to run and/or ride a bike more.
but i havent ridden a bike in a long time
because i stopped liking it. we'll see.

i'm starting to eat healthier again.
i feel a lot better. i'm really close to fitting
into one pair of pants again.

1 comment:

Margie said...

I love you.

You are poetic. Your spirit whispers great poetry.