Wednesday, May 20, 2009


i'm not feeling too hot today. my nose is running and my throat is killing me and my eyes wont stop watering. so i stayed home. i hate staying home. and i have mayfest tonight and i have to go ):

still feeling lonely, more than ever. i dont belong anywhere. but i do feel accepted at aleck's and kvan's house(its the same house). but i'm just seeking god that much more.

i'm getting my hair cut saturday. i'm not doing much, just editing what i already have a little. like this:

i really wish this girl wouldnt have that much cleavage though, sheesh.
so im excited about that.


Margie said...

YOU ARE SO MY DAUGHTER!! I was thinking the same thing about the cleavage!

You'll be way cuter than her!

Stacy said...

Cute hair...similar, but as you so cleverly put it, edited!

If you're seeking God, then He is there with you.

Focus on all of the wonderful things that you will accomplish in God's name when you head to Columbia!

And the wonderful journey you'll experience with your mom in Austria!

Great things ARE coming your way!!