Thursday, September 18, 2008

a few things.

sorry i havent blogged in so long...i've been pretty busy.

so, saturday...the tpa release show. it actually went really well. about 80-90 people showed up and so they made about 900 dollars...which is more than half of what they needed to make back for the CD's they just purchased. and i sold three shirts (: so i made eighteen dollars so that was really sweet.

sunday was really awesome with what adam talked about which was about controlling our tongues and how it has the power of life and death. which is something really cool, because its something that i, myself struggle with. in our choir's soprano sectional, sometimes i just have to be this like, obnoxious happy spaz which probably annoys people but i dont really care because it keeps me from yelling at everyone and telling them to shut up and stop talking and just sing. let me tell you, its really difficult to not do that.

i got a B on my first biology test (: and i was really worried about that because she was stressing that they are much harder, but i did pretty well. and i reallyyyy like art class. haha, my teacher is just so cute and i love her...and she's asian so thats definitely a plus :P just kidding, haha.
and im understanding algebra :D yayyy!

i made my new purse...and im really happy with it, it looks pretty nice if i do say so myself (;

and i just went to the austria meeting today at rhs, and maestro knapp was there. and it was really amazing. i am sooo thankful that god gave me this opportunity to go on this amazing trip and just have this experience and i will only be 16!! THATS CRAZY! wellll, im going to try to do a lot of fundraising, lol. this isnt going to very cheap at all.

anyway, thats all for now. so i'll blog when i get on next (;

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Stacy said...

Congratulations on Austria!! I'm so happy for you, and of course your mom!