Tuesday, April 28, 2009

i miss you.

i'm pretty much in the most nostalgic mood ever.
i miss old friends, and i miss when i had a best friend.
i miss middle school when no one was ever as mean or judge-mental as they are now.
i miss having an extra hour before school started on wednesday so that would be the day amanda and i used to look cute and wear skirts, and thursday would be the lazy day when we wore sweats. every week. all school year. both seventh and eighth grade. those were the times.

i started a new book today.
in her shoes - jennifer weiner.

i really want a job. i wouldnt care if i only worked five hours a week.
i just want to save up like $30 a month for about four months and then after summer go shopping. thats what i want to do. but no job=no money.

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